YWCA-SGV uses an individualized approach in order to meet the needs of our clients. DV and Senior Case Managers identify, plan, and facilitate access to resources. Staff therapists provide trauma-informed counseling for adults, children and families in order to address the impacts of abuse and violence. 

YWCA-SGV employs supportive legal advocates who prepare survivors for court appearances, accompany them physically and emotionally, and process restraining orders. YWCA-SGV works closely with Victim/Witness, Safe At Home programs and additional legal resources.

Yearly Impact Highlights

WINGS Domestic Violence Shelter and Programs

Mental Health

YWCA-SGV provides…

  • DV prevention services to 1,400+ non-residential clients
  • Over 100 Domestic Violence trainings and education forums facilitated by outreach staff
  • A safe place to over 500 survivors and children in our WINGS Shelter
  • Legal support to over 300 clients and more than 100 restraining orders filed
  • 10,000+ answered calls to our DV hotline; and
  • Housing search support so that 90% of clients have a safe place to live upon exiting the program – the remaining clients continue to receive case management and housing assistance.

senior case management

Senior Services

YWCA-SGV provides…

  • Case management to over 600 homebound seniors over the age of 60 (about 100 of these seniors also receive Home Delivered Meals)
  • Support so that at least 90% of senior services clients continue to function in their own homes and improve their quality of life
  • Meals to more than 4,000 unduplicated clients per week, serving over 665,000 meals each year; and
  • Meals rated as “good or excellent” by 90% of seniors in our program.