California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (CACHI)

YWCA-SGV serves as a catalyst in building diverse, action-oriented coalitions. We provide leadership in convening and identifying multi-sector agencies to build out this initiative. As a collective, we envision a healthy, safe and resilient San Gabriel Valley; with a mission to create a regional movement that engages communities and organizations committed to impactful cross-sector collaboration.

1) Develop a communication network to share best practices, resources and data to create a healthier region; 2) Advocate for resources to improve the health of the region through a shared voice that is inclusive and represents the diversity of SGV; 3) Support local efforts to create positive change that improves the health of individuals and communities; and 4) Advance positive system change in SGV.

Healthy San Gabriel Valley Logo

CACHI Project: Healthy San Gabriel Valley

As the backbone agency for Healthy San Gabriel Valley (HSGV), YWCA-SGV sustains a regional movement that promotes cross-sector collaboration in order to address economic and social conditions that influence health outcomes. By applying the Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) model, HSGV aims to create effective and efficient systems integration to prevent community violence and work towards health equity.

Since 2014, YWCA-SGV has hosted the Roadmaps & Intersections Conference which brings together healthcare professionals, public health officials, local business leaders, community residents, social services organizations, schools and other partners. At the conference, attendees develop networks, advance systems of change that support health equity and discuss social determinants of health and safety.


Domestic Violence Healthcare Partnership Leadership Council

YWCA of San Gabriel Valley along with three other domestic violence-focused organizations joined together to comprise the Domestic Violence Healthcare Partnership (DVHCP), Leadership Council in Los Angeles County. The three additional organizations include Jenesse Center, Inc., East Los Angeles Women’s Center, and the Community Legal Aid SoCal. This is a project funded by BlueShield of California Foundation that is focused on system change across the region. The goal is to disseminate DVHCP best practices through the region and promote DV awareness and health care integration in Los Angeles County. In the spirit of working together, the DVHCP Leadership Council also collaborates with the Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Council Health Committee, under the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.


San Gabriel Valley African-American Infant and Maternal Mortality Community Action Team

YWCA of San Gabriel Valley is the backbone agency for the San Gabriel Valley African-American Infant and Maternal Mortality Community Action Team (SGV AAIMM CAT). The AAIMM Prevention Initiative addresses the high rates of Black infant and maternal deaths throughout Los Angeles County. Our organization fully supports the initiative, and we are eager to continue collaborating with the SGV Community Action Team. The body of work through the AAIMM Prevention Initiative shows that the root cause of poor infant and maternal health is stress caused by racism, and the impact that type of chronic stress can have on Black women and Black birthing individuals’ bodies. Interpersonal and internalized racism is compounded by structures in society that perpetuate institutional racism, largely due to a lack of culturally responsive care and the presence of implicit bias in the systems that are supposed to care for Black families. Serving as the backbone agency for the SGV AAIMM CAT further advances our agency mission to eliminate racism and empower women in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond.