Serving seniors in the San Gabriel Valley since 1986

To sign up for meals, please call Senior Services 24-Hour Message Line
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Senior ServicesYWCA-SGV Senior Services stands as one of the largest Senior Service Programs in Los Angeles County, reaching out to over 4,500 older adults every week. Our unwavering dedication is centered around meeting the unique needs and challenges faced by our senior community. Through our wide range of offerings, which include complimentary meals, regular telephone reassurance, and comprehensive case management services, we strive to enhance the quality of life for older adults, fostering independence and ensuring their well-being.

Elderly Nutrition Program (ENP Program): At YWCA-SGV Senior Services, we recognize the importance of addressing the holistic needs of older adults beyond just basic assistance. Our team of compassionate professionals works tirelessly to provide companionship, emotional support, and social engagement opportunities, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Additionally, we offer educational programs and workshops on various topics to empower seniors with knowledge and skills, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives. With a steadfast commitment to promoting senior health, happiness, and autonomy, YWCA-SGV Senior Services is proud to serve as a vital resource for the aging population in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Case Management Program empowers seniors to remain in their own homes with independence and dignity. Our multilingual staff serves clients from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Case Managers offer assistance to seniors in need of resources including: transportation, monthly home visits, utility payment assistance, and more.

The Healthy Aging Program works to improve overall quality of life for seniors through education. The program provides information to seniors on how to prevent illness and manage chronic physical conditions, avoid falls and susceptibility to elder abuse (i.e., physical, financial, emotional).

We work to end local food insecurity through our Senior Meals Program (formally known as Intervale):

Congregate Dining offers nutritious meals to mobile older adults at senior centers throughout San Gabriel Valley. These lunches are an outlet for independent seniors to form social connections and foster friendships.

Home Delivered Meals are specifically for home-bound individuals. We provide safety and wellness checks when delivering nutritious meals on a weekly basis. YWCA-SGV serves nearly all of eastern Los Angeles County, reaching over 24 communities.

*Disabled adults qualify if they are a dependent of a qualifying senior. Spouses of qualified seniors are also eligible.


improving the lives of seniors

Administered by YWCA San Gabriel Valley and funded in part by the Los Angeles County Aging & Disabilities Department through the Older Americans Act of 1965 as amended.