Caring for Survivors since 1979

Domestic Violence 24-Hour Help Line (626) 967-0658 or email us
YWCA-SGV supports Domestic Violence (DV) survivors and their children as they move out of crisis toward safety and independence. This program serves more than 2,000 clients annually with the goal of empowering, educating, and supporting individuals to build a future free from violence.

We offer Non-Residential Services including a 24-hour crisis helpline, case management (assessment, care planning, advocacy, financial literacy, and employment readiness). YWCA-SGV also provides culturally sensitive individual and group counseling with trained therapists to help clients heal from their trauma.

Outreach staff educates the community, local schools and colleges about DV, dating violence, healthy relationships, and violence prevention. YWCA-SGV offers the state-approved 40-hour DV Training and Provider Trainings for social workers and healthcare professionals are available to better screen patients for DV. In addition, staff facilitates Law Enforcement Training that seeks to educate police officers to better respond to DV including periodic “ride-alongs.”

YWCA-SGV offers Residential Services at our WINGS Shelter that includes an emergency shelter (45 days) and a transitional housing program (up to 1 year). The WINGS shelter is the second largest DV shelter in LA County.

The YWCA-SGV WINGS Shelter offers a Children’s Program designed to create a healing environment for youth and teens where they are taught the tools to express themselves, learn empathy, and solve their problems peacefully. The program aims to improve mental and behavioral health, well-being and break the cycle of violence. DV team engages with children and youth through art, music, and play therapy, counseling and remote learning support.


Community Outreach:

  • 40-Hour DV Training
  • Provider & Law Enforcement Trainings
  • 24-Hour Crisis Helpline

Trauma-Informed Approach for Clients:

  • Supportive Case Management and Therapy
  • Short and long-term shelter
  • Children’s Program
  • Legal Support

Survivor Statements

“I forgot what peace felt like until I got here”

“I feel supported here.”

“The staff is so caring”

“Thank you for reminding me of who I am”

“The YWCA helped me grow”